Melbourne to Perth – Day 6

Day 6 – the final day of travel had already arrived. We set off fairly early again, as our last leg was still 600 kilometers, and we couldn’t wait to get there.

The one thing you can’t help notice on this stretch is the giant water pipe that runs pretty much all the way along the side of the road. It provides water from Perth to Kalgoorlie and beyond and what amazes me is that it was completed in 1903. How on earth did they do it back then?! When it is beside you for the best part of 7 hours you realise how much work must have gone into it.

The terrain itself started out with occasional goldfields and then turned into farm land. It was all pretty much like scenery we’d seen before and we just wanted to get there.

Again, we only stopped for petrol and a toilet break as, well, did I mention,  we JUST WANTED TO GET THERE?!

Incidentally, if you wondered how we went on for food on the trip, we were well prepared…

And no, he couldn’t tear himself away from it, even while he ate. Each day we tried to add a new app for them to play with to keep them interested. Little Miss Turner, was getting stuck into her journal thing on hers.

You comfortable enough there Miss T? It seems she is fortunate enough to be inheriting her father’s limbs instead of mine.

By about 3pm we started to hit Perth’s outer suburbs and although I’d never seen these far Eastern suburbs before I gradually I started to remember what I liked so much about WA. They were nothing like the beach areas we intended to live in but still had the same feel with clean streets plenty of trees and shrubs.

We had booked to stay in a serviced apartment in West Perth for a week or so while we found a rental. When we arrived we were pooped, so we went food shopping for provisions and settled to in for a quiet night. Oh, and the sunset wasn’t half bad.

So there you have it, Melbourne to Perth by car, over 6 days with two kids and a husband who doesn’t like making unscheduled stops. We survived! Overall, it was a great experience, and something I would recommend anyone to do although, if you have kids, you need to entertain them. Anything up to 12 hours in the car at a time is boring by anyones standards. We went for the lazy parenting option of iPads, and they worked like a dream. The kids were fantastic, but I’m not sure what it would have been like without them and I don’t think I’d do the journey again, although I’m definitely glad we did it.

Incidentally, one thing we that did disappoint me upon arrival in Perth was the lack of a welcoming committee. After that drive, at the very least, I expected Julia Gillard to be waiting for us at the other side with citizenship papers and a film crew. C’mon, surely that should be the REAL test? Drive across the country, get a passport. Isn’t that how it works? No? Oh pants!


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